The impact of debt on personal and family daily life

Every 40 seconds, a suicide occurs in the world. The number can reach 800 thousand in the year. 75% of cases occurred in low and middle income nations in 2012, having a direct relationship with the economic situation. Data are from the World Health Organization (WHO).

The most recurring subject of the moment.

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Considered by many, the evil of the century, suicide has caused casualties all over the world. One of the reasons that lead people to take their own life is debt. The end of the month arrives and the money is long gone. Accounts accumulate month by month, social and family problems arise, and everything does not seem to have a solution. Right there, many people lose control of the situation.

According to a survey conducted in all capitals by the National Confederation of Officers (CNDL) and the Credit Protection Service (BPL Brazil), revealed that 22% of delinquents developed or potentiated addictions. Food, cigarettes and alcohol are some of the examples. This scenario only proves how much debt and lack of financial education are the “engines” for major problems to occur in personal and family life.

Have you ever been through something like that?

That feeling of something disturbing you day and night, the thought away from what you should be focused on or even the wish that it would all be over soon?

The lower down, the more we feel sad and seeking quick solutions to that pain, the more dangerous it is when it comes to health. There is a consensus among health experts that financial problems cause imbalances in relationships. At this time, one tends to blame the other for the situation, or even thinks that one should not know about the current situation and everything is covered up.

Also according to the survey of CNDL and BPL Brazil, a third of respondents (31%) feel embarrassed to family and friends because they are owed. Now do you understand how the initial problem can lead to so much more serious causes?

Physical, mental and social health

For a person to feel good, life and plans must be on the same path. Physical, mental and social health need balance, and as we have seen so far, debt is a threat to this stability.

How about we do an exercise? Looking at your personal and family life, make a reflection. Do your accounts scare you or do you waste time thinking about them? To have control requires organization and planning. Have you ever done yours? Has your financial education ever passed your research?

Talking about debt with your family is easy or has a lock?

Talking about debt with your family is easy or has a lock?

And finally, how sad do you think you are, or even what body or mental changes have you been going through, all because you have debt?

Our life needs harmony. Financial, mental, physical and social health should always go together. When one is not cool, the other tends to go the same way. How many times have you heard that a problem has been discounted with credit card purchases? The problem is later right?

Does the problem have a solution?

Unfortunately in our country, the culture of financial education has no strength and ends up being left out of basic education. It is the only way for us to start changing numbers as negative and consequently deaths caused by the problem.

For many, it seems that taking care of money is easy, the problem is in the salary and value of products in the supermarket and gas station. You only know how well you do, who has gone through the habit-change process and set financial stability through education. Improvements go beyond knowing how to spend, but benefit just what we said earlier: physical, mental and social health.

Youth Financial Education

Physical, mental and social health is not only important for those who have a family to care for or who have already had many years of work. Financial education for young people is as important as for adults. If young people tend to be the majority when it comes to suicide, we also saw that one of the causes cited by WHO is the socioeconomic situation. In order for deaths from this effect to decrease, one must know how to manage one’s own money and have finances under control.

Remember that exercise we did about thinking about your financial life? Imagine a young man going through all this, often without the courage to talk to his family. The problem can become serious, so it’s time for a real change.

Who can help me with financial education?

You will soon discover that there is a special project for you that needs help with money and debt. Foregon Educates is being born to bring all the knowledge you need to have that balance between physical, mental and social health.

Nothing better than feeling good, working focused on what you have to do, controlling your life and being content with the people you love, right? Look how much good financial education will bring to you!

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