Loans to Public Employees and Pensioners

Government Agency loans are loans dedicated to public employees and retirees, relating to the management of public employees of Social Security. These are credit lines at a subsidized rate and accessible only to those who meet certain requirements. Government Agency Social Security loans are divided into small loans and multi-year loans.

The former are personal loans, while long-term loans are finalized loans granted only for certain needs falling within the cases indicated in the Social Security Loan Regulations.

Small direct loans and multi-annual direct loans are granted directly by the social security institution. The long-term guaranteed loans, on the other hand, are disbursed by banks and financial institutions affiliated with the institution, but they enjoy coverage provided by Government Agency against the risk of insolvency.

As regards the amounts that can be financed, the small loans give access to relatively low amounts to be repaid in maximum 48 months. Multi-year loans, both direct and guaranteed, make it possible to obtain even large amounts. In this case the reimbursement can also extend for 10 years. Rates are subsidized.

The loans disbursed by Government Agency are called direct and are divided into two categories of products: small loans and long-term loans. Loans granted by credit institutions are instead called secured loans. Although granted by banks and financial companies, the latter enjoy a guarantee from Government Agency.

Before reviewing the conditions of the Government Agency loan offer, however, it is necessary to make a clarification. As many of our readers will already know, Government Agency no longer exists but its credit activities are still available. The social security institution was in fact absorbed by Social Security. The Government Agency 2018 loans therefore refer to Social Security Public Employee Management.

Multi-year Government Agency loans

Multi-year Government Agency loans

While enrollment in the Unitary Management of Credit and Social Benefits is sufficient to obtain small Government Agency loans, for long-term loans additional requirements are required.

In fact, a contribution contribution to the unitary management of Social Security’s credit and social benefits of at least four years and not less than four years of retirement age is also necessary.

The Social Security rates ex Government Agency

The Social Security rates ex Government Agency

The interest rates of Government Agency loans are defined periodically by the Institute. For 2016 loans, the rates applied are: 3.50% for multi-year loans and 4.25% for small loans. Details of these loans can also be found on the unofficial but well-updated Government Agency mortgage website www.mutuoGovernment

As already mentioned, banks and financial institutions usually easily grant loans to both public and private employees. This is because the repayment of the credit is guaranteed by the presence of a demonstrable fixed income.

And in the event that the amount requested is too high for the applicant’s repayment capacity, a mortgage is also required on a property owned.

In addition, credit institutions often sign agreements with state apparatus, under which they provide loans on favorable terms to public and state employees.

All the information on the benefits of Government Agency loans in the articles that you find below.

Online Government Agency loan simulation: how to do it

Online Government Agency loan simulation: how to do it

Government Agency loans installment calculation: how to perform the simulation online? The steps to be taken to obtain the simulation of the repayment plan are few and very simple. 

The home page of the new portal is very articulated and has sections with respect to which the contents are located. To reach the relevant page, the Government Agency loans, installment calculation, you will have to search for “simulation” in the appropriate element located in the upper right corner.

After carrying out the research, various results will be listed, the element of our interest is the presentation form inherent in the simulation of small loans and long-term loans.

This page provides some information relevant to the financing and the calculation itself, but to start the calculation system it will be necessary to press the button to access the service, present both at the top and at the bottom of the page.

The simulation page, which you can see in the image shown at the end of the paragraph, is characterized by a small side menu. Here are the three funding calculation systems.

Calculation of installment, amount and loans

Calculation of installment, amount and loans

The simulation is of three types: in the most essential form, simulation elaborated in relation to the installment and that to the amount. The first involves entering salary and date of birth.

The other two calculation systems instead add the installment or the amount that you want to receive thanks to the financing.

After the data requested by the system have been entered, the user will see all the available funding shown in a table. By clicking on the loan of your interest, it will be possible to know the installment, costs, net sums and incidence of interest.

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