Before you take a mortgage loan

The decision to choose and buy an apartment is usually also associated with the decision to take a loan. However, not everyone realizes that getting a mortgage is not as easy as getting a credit card or cash loan. Before signing a preliminary contract or a contract with a developer, it’s worth checking your credit standing and pre-assessing your loan options.

One of the elements of the applicant’s assessment

One of the elements of the applicant

Income from business operations is also accepted by all banks, however, with this source of income, the analyzed period is much longer than with an employment contract. The standard required for business activity is a minimum of 12 months of doing business, although there are also banks that require a longer period, e.g. 2.5 years.

It is also worth paying attention


To the business activity settled by means of a lump sum on recorded revenues or a tax card. With these forms of settlements with the Tax Office, discrepancies between banks when calculating creditworthiness may already be significant, in which case it is worth checking your creditworthiness with particular care.

Similar discrepancies may arise if the client earns income on the basis of mandate and specific task contracts – depending on the bank, the differences in the income accepted for analysis can reach up to several dozen percents. Other less common sources of income are no longer universally accepted by banks. The aforementioned dividends will be accepted for analysis by only a few of them.
In addition to sources and amounts of income, banks also analyze clients’ liabilities in detail.

Installments of currently held loans

Installments of currently held loans

Are calculated for the charges. One exception is the situation when no more than 3 installments remain to be repaid. Some banks no longer take such an obligation into account when calculating their capacity, assuming that if the customer repaid the liability in a timely manner for several months, then also the remaining few installments will certainly be repaid. Revolving personal loans and credit cards granted will also be considered a charge. Even in a situation where the customer does not use these products, banks treat it as a potential liability and will accept approx. 5% of the amount of the limit granted for monthly charges.

Therefore, in a situation where these obligations are not used, and significantly reduce creditworthiness and make it impossible to take a loan, it is worth considering closing such obligations. After calculating your creditworthiness, the next important step is to choose the best offer and the bank where you will take the loan.

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